Extending Your Nonimmigrant Status in the U.S.A.

If you are visiting the United States on a nonimmigration or a visitor visa, you may wish to extend the time that your visa allows you to legally stay in the country. Getting an extension is important. If you stay beyond the time that your visa expires and you do not have an extension, you will be subject to deportation and other consequences. Experienced legal counsel can help guide you through the extension process so that you may stay in the U.S. without worry.

Our experienced attorneys have helped numerous visitors to the United States extend their nonimmigrant status. With a Massachusetts legal practice that is devoted exclusively to immigration matters, we can help guide you through the process every step of the way.

Ensuring Your Extension Request Is Successful

There are only a few options for staying in the U.S. beyond the time granted by a temporary stay visa. A visitor may either leave the country and then reapply for a new visa, or a visitor may request an extension. There are certain rules and procedures that must be followed in order for an extension request to be successful.

The visitor who makes a request must be in good standing with the U.S. Essentially, this means that the visitor must have a clean criminal record and have not made multiple re-entries into the U.S. An extension request should be filed at least 45 days before the expiration of the visa. However, an extension request should not be made within the first three months of visiting the country. The U.S. views such requests with heightened suspicion. We will thoroughly review your situation to help ensure that your extension request is positioned for the best chance of success.

Speak With Our Immigration Attorneys

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