Marriage and Adjustment of Status

Establishing the right to reside in the United States or to achieve permanent residency status through marriage can be complex. For many couples, this can be a stressful time and may even result in the threat of removal if your case is not handled properly from the outset.

Our attorneys have experience with the marriage and adjustment of status process. Our firm works exclusively on immigration issues on behalf of clients seeking residency, fiancé visas or those who wish to become naturalized U.S. citizens following a marriage.

Permanent Residency Card After Marriage

Many immigrants know that if they marry a U.S. citizen, they are able to obtain permanent residency. While this can be a tempting way to quickly obtain citizenship, it can also be a difficult process for those in valid, legal and authentic relationships. If you are already married, are a U.S. citizen engaged to an immigrant, or you are an immigrant who wishes to marry a U.S. citizen, it is important to know your rights and to work with an experienced lawyer at every step of the process. Our experienced immigration attorneys will:

  • Review documentation and help you understand appropriate legwork that needs to be completed before filing a petition
  • Fill out forms, obtain documentation and prepare your case for success
  • Help you file appropriate affidavits along with your petition
  • Represent you during your adjustment of status interview and prepare you for interview questions
  • Intervene after a denial or help you if you have filed on your own and received a request for evidence

Proving the Authenticity of Your Marriage and Relationship

The biggest issue for most couples is proving that the marriage was not done solely for immigration purposes. If you are being accused of fraud or are having difficulty proving the authenticity of the marriage, you should get legal help right away. Our firm will take the time to review the evidence in your case, provide you with important information, collect all relevant documentation, and aggressively defend your position to help get your case approved.

Do You Have Questions Regarding Adjustment of Status?

We’ve helped couples throughout Massachusetts and across the Country qualify for U.S. citizenship. If you have questions, call us to schedule a free initial consultation. Our law offices are located in Boston and Watertown, Massachusetts with easy access and ample parking. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.