Family Member Immigration Adjustment of Status

Helping Your Loved Ones Immigrate to the United States

For family members who have already immigrated to the U.S. or for those left behind in their home country, separation can be painful and frustrating, as well as financially detrimental to your family. Our immigration attorneys are dedicated to representing clients and their families seeking an adjustment of status. We represent parents filing for children, children filing for parents, brothers and sisters, and other qualified relationships, including stepparents and stepchildren.

Proving Relationship for Family Member Adjustment of Status

Consular processing seeks to ensure that the relationship is bona fide and authentic. As your attorneys, we will review appropriate documentation, file forms on your behalf, and we will use appropriate legal strategies to ensure correct and swift processing. In some cases, additional proof may become necessary, and we will help you ensure that your application is filed efficiently and effectively.  Our firm handles all issues related to Adjustment of Status for all family members.

You may also qualify for:

  • Employment authorization (work card)
  • Advanced parole (travel documents)

Form I-485 – Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status

To apply for lawful permanent resident status if you are in the United States you must complete Form I-485.

Immigration laws allow for a foreign national to acquire permanent residency status without leaving the United States. “Adjustment of status” is a legal term that means a person changes from one visa type or immigration status to that of a legal permanent resident or green card holder. If you are physically present in the United States or seeking an adjustment of status on behalf of an immediate relative family member, we can help you file an application (Form I-485), collect relevant documentation and provide any follow up advocacy that may become necessary.

Speak with an attorney experienced with the Adjustment of Status Process

We are experienced immigration attorneys and have successfully handled many Adjustment of Status applications. Our law offices are located in Boston and Watertown, Massachusetts. We offer a free initial consultation.