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Immigration Law for Employers and Employees

In a continually expanding global market, companies are able to seek leading talent all over the world. Work visas make non citizens eligible for employment in the United States. Whether you are an employee seeking an H-1B work visa or an employer seeking sponsorship, experienced advocacy and counsel is important for the swift processing and successful acquisition of a visa. At Kandilian Vitelli our business immigration attorneys work directly with employers and employees throughout the process and can effectively protect your rights.

Improving Your Workforce and Your Business – Filing a H-1B Visa Petition

Businesses must be equipped to compete in a global market place. Our firm will collaborate with employers to attract top employees and outstanding professionals from around the world whose efforts will improve your workforce. We are a leading Boston business immigration law firm and our attorneys work with top corporations to nonprofit organizations, in helping professionals relocate in the United States.

We can take the following action on your behalf:

  • Helping businesses and employees obtain nonimmigrant visas, temporary work visas and work permits (H-1B approval)
  • Assist with the completion and documentation for citizenship and employment verification (I-9) forms
  • Help employees obtain permanent residency through the labor certification process
  • H-1B applications: Extensions for existing employees
  • L-1A applications: Executives/managers
  • L-1B applications: Specialized knowledge
  • L-1A applications: For new companies established in the U.S.

Creative Counsel to Meet Your Needs

Navigating through the Boston Immigration Court can be a difficult process. Immigration issues can quickly become challenging and can require a creative approach to meet your needs. When working with businesses, attorney Vitelli will examine a candidate’s resume to determine if he or she may qualify for other nonimmigrant or temporary work permits, such as an outstanding researcher (O-1) visa or National Interest Waiver.

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