Mandamus Actions

You may find that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is taking an unreasonably long period of time to adjudicate your application. Delays in adjudication force you to put important steps in your life on hold and makes planning for your future difficult.

In certain instances, you may have the opportunity to consider a writ of mandamus to be submitted to the US District Court of Massachusetts. In a writ of mandamus, Kandilian Vitelli will file an action in federal court asking that your application be acted upon due to an unreasonable delay. In Massachusetts, an unreasonable delay is an application that generally has not been adjudicated for a period of eighteen (18) months to two (2) years.

Writ of Mandamus following Naturalization Interview:

USCIS is generally required to adjudicate an application within 120 days following your naturalization interview. If your application for citizenship is not adjudicated within that period of time, Kandilian Vitelli will discuss whether it is in your best interest to proceed with a writ of mandamus to compel adjudication of your citizenship interview.

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